Select (Step 1)

Step 1: Choosing Your Community

Click on the "Communities" link in the Navigation Menu of this website to display all of our communities. Click on each community for more information.

All of our communities are held to the same high standard. Select the community you want to live in based on location and visual appeal.


Step 2: Selecting Your Floor Plan

Visit the website of your selected community to view the various floor plans. 

All of our floor plans contain unique features and qualities. Select the floor plan that works for you based on size and pricing. 

Select (Step 3)

Step 3: Reviewing The Vital Information

Visit the website of your selected community to view the photos, features, and 3D lay-outs.

All of our information is kept up-to-date and accurate. The exact dimensions and finishes (paint, flooring color, etc.) of each apartment may vary slightly from the materials provided online.



Step 1: Submitting Your Rental Application

Click on the "Contact" link in the Navigation Menu of this website to display all of our communication options. Click on the "Apply Now" button to be taken to the Rental Application where you can complete and submit your application. 

All of our rental applications are completed online and processed within 24-48 hours if they are submitted along with the supporting documents and fee. If you are looking to schedule a tour, you can also do that under the "Contact" tab. by clicking on the "Tour Request" button. Keep in mind, we are consistently 100% occupied and are not always able to show apartments.

Submit (Step 2)

Step 2: Signing Your Lease Electronically

Check for an email approving (or denying) your application and confirming your move-in date. After you confirm the date, you will receive two important emails. The first will contain instructions on electronically signing your lease, and the second will provide you with log-in credentials for the Resident Portal so you can pay your deposit online.

All of our leases are signed electronically. Your apartment will be held for you after the lease is signed and the deposit is paid.

Submit (Step 3)

Step 3: Transferring The Utilities

Log-in to the Resident Portal and click on the "Messages" tab. There will be a message in your inbox with instructions on transferring utilities and obtaining occupancy permits (if required). Follow these instructions to transfer utilities before your move-in date. 

All of the utilities that are not included in your rent are handled by third-parties. You will not be able to move in on your move-in date until you have transferred them into your name.


Simplified (Step 1)

Step 1: Completing Your Move-In

Send us an email to arrange the time that you will meet with us at your new home to complete the move-in walk-through and key pick-up. Usually, this is done on your scheduled move-in date.

All of our leases start with a move-in walk-through. You will also need to provide proof of the utilities being transferred, and the occupancy permit (if required) before you receive your keys. 

Simplified (Step 2)

Step 2: Setting Up Rent Payments

Log-in to the Resident Portal with your secure credentials and click on the "Make Payment" button. Follow the instructions to set up one time or automatic payments.

All of our communities accept online EFT payments, in addition to the usual checks and money orders. These payments can be automatically scheduled, or can be paid manually each month. 

Simplified (Step 3)

Step 3: Sending Future Communications

Log-in to the Resident Portal and click on the "Messages" tab. Click on the "Contact Us" tab and send us your message. 

All of our maintenance requests and general inquiries are handled online. For maintenance requests, please send us a brief description of the issue, and a picture for reference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the images and 3D lay-outs online showing the apartment I will move into?

The images and 3D lay-outs online are accurate portrayals of the apartment you are interested in if they are under the community and floor plan you selected. However, they may be slight variations in size, and the color of finishes (i.e. paint, flooring, etc.). 

Why do you only do showings at certain times?

Our communities are consistently 100% occupied. They are also smaller communities (50-150 apartments), so they do not have a model apartment. As a result, we can only do showings when we have upcoming move-outs scheduled. We decided to make the whole process simpler and provide all of the necessary apartment information on our website in case we are unable to schedule showings. However, we do show apartments whenever we are able to.

Why are office hours by appointment only?

Our team is generally busy enriching resident's lives, and figuring out ways to improve our company. As a result of this, and the fact that we are generally 100% occupied, it would be inefficient for us to have team members in the office at all hours. By not having representatives in the office at all times, we are able to provide better value to residents.

Why do most of your rental rates end in a "9"?

Most of our rental rates end in a "9" (for example, $849.00 instead of $850.00) because we encourage online rental payments. The transaction fee for online rental payments is $1.00, so we take that amount off of our rental rates up-front. 

What do I need to submit with my rental application?

Along with your rental application, you need to provide a scanned copy of a photo ID (license or passport), and verification of income (3 most recent pay stubs). You also need to submit the application fee. 

What if I can't sign the lease electronically?

If you are having trouble signing your lease electronically, we will schedule an appointment at one of our offices for you to come by and complete the lease signing. 

Where do I go to transfer utilities and acquire occupancy permits?

This information will vary depending on the community you choose to reside in. When you receive your log-in credentials for the Resident Portal, you will be able to view this information under the "Messages" tab after you log-in. 

How do I schedule a time to pick up my keys?

You can schedule your move-in walk-through and key pick-up on the day of your move-in (as agreed upon in your lease) or any other day afterwards, by sending us a message through the Resident Portal or emailing

Who is my main point of contact if I want to speak to someone?

Send your communication through the Resident Portal and the appropriate representative will get in touch with you. If you are a prospective renter looking for an apartment, please email or call (618) 654-2300. 

What do I do if I have a maintenance emergency?

If you have a maintenance emergency, please dial 911 (if applicable), call utility providers (if applicable) and/or call 618-654-2300. When you press 2 you will either be routed to maintenance personnel or the Senior Community Manager.