030: Make a Rental Space Feel More Like Home

Home is where your heart is — even if your next home is temporary. Though it may seem challenging to make a rental space home, whether you plan to live there a few months or a few years, it can be done. The good news is it doesn’t take a lot to make it happen. A few inexpensive, small changes can go a long way. Try these simple tips to transform anyplace into your own special space:

Create the Fragrance of Home

Your favorite scented candles, air fresheners, Incense or potpourri can easily awaken the feeling of home. Whether it be a favorite scent from your past home, or a new scent that you choose for this new home, it can make you feel that much more at peace while living there.

Let the Walls Speak to You

Fill empty walls with pictures of loved ones and favorite places to make you feel right at home. Try grouping pictures together in different rooms. Hanging paintings or other artwork to add personality to your space can make a space feel more like yours, too, depending on your style. If you don’t feel like putting holes in the wall or simply are not allowed to, use temporary stickers and decals for décor.

Display a Few of Your Favorite Things

For many people, cherished items bring comfort. The same can be said for favorite décor items like throw pillows, a special quilt or even a favorite decoration. Having a few items like these on display can not only evoke happiness but make your space feel more personal.

Spend Time in the Kitchen

Nothing says “home” like a good, home-cooked meal. Put your kitchen to good use by preparing your favorite dishes or comfort foods to create a stronger sense of home. Inviting friends or family over to enjoy a meal can also help you to feel more at home.

Get Comfy

If your space doesn’t come furnished, invest in a few pieces of furniture. The key is to buy for quality not quantity. For example, if budget is an issue, splurge on a comfy couch but forgo the coffee table for now. If you have hardwood floors, buy an area rug to add a touch of personality. As for storage containers, don’t go for the plastic ones. Instead, opt for earthy, natural materials like baskets, linen bags and wood crates for an appealing look.

Remember, making the most of your space with a few personal touches can definitely help it feel more like home sweet home wherever you go.

Credit: Apartment Guide