032: Deciding Between The City vs. The Suburbs

Location is everything when it comes to apartment hunting. It’s important to choose an area of town that fits your lifestyle — so you can enjoy the most from your new home and the surrounding neighborhood. Consider these tips to help you find a great location that meets all of your needs:

Space: Big vs. Small

You get the most bang for your buck as far as square footage the further away you live from the city center. So if you have your eye on more square-footage or additional bedrooms, the suburbs tend to offer space that won’t break your budget. Living in the city will put you closer to everything that is happening, but your trade-off will be smaller spaces for more money.

Amenities: Close By vs. Drive By

The best shopping, dining and entertainment are at your fingertips when living in the city — with nightlife right in your backyard and everything else within walking distance for the most part. Some rental communities in the city also tout amenities like a gym and a pool on-site that are steps away from residents’ doors. A place just outside of city limits will be able to offer more trails, parks, and surrounding space and while shops and restaurants may not be walking distance, they are still accessible.

Commute Times: Long vs. Short

If you cringe at the thought of bumper-to-bumper highway traffic during your work commute into the city, consider moving closer to work to save time and gas money. Being a city dweller also means having robust access to public transportation — like buses and trains — to get you where you need to go more smoothly. Some people choose to live in the city center although they work in the suburbs – it all depends on how far you’re willing to drive.

The View: Cityscape vs. Tree-lined Neighborhood

Skyscraper views can be stunning if it’s high enough and in the right corner of town, otherwise there’s a good chance of it being a stark brick-and-mortar view of the next building door, with little sunlight coming in. Alternatively, living just outside the city can offer you more of nature’s beautiful views. If you know you’re the type of person that likes being surrounded by nature, then a high- rise might not be for you.

Whichever area of town you choose, make sure you weigh all the pros and cons of peace and quiet, safety, costs and lifestyle, so you can find the best place that suits your needs.

Credit: Apartment Guide