033: Entertaining Guests in a Small Space

Have you ever wanted to host a holiday or birthday party, or just a simple get-together, but feared you didn’t have the space to do so in your apartment? Don’t let a tiny apartment stop your party plans in their tracks. With a little creativity and imagination, you can throw the ultimate get-together or social affair without letting small living quarters stand in your way. Try the tips below to tap into your apartment’s party potential.

No Table? No Problem

If your kitchen has an island or breakfast bar, set up food buffet-style for your guests or use a desk in the corner of your living/dining area for the same purpose. Want a unique table setting? Cover a coffee table with a stylish tablecloth and place an assortment of comfy pillows around it for your guests to recline on.

Make Room to Move

Whether you’re living in a studio or a two-bedroom apartment, space can always feel limited, especially when guests are over. Consider moving your furniture around to better suit the party’s needs. Pushing your couch or other large pieces of furniture up against a wall can create additional space and make your home feel larger.

Keep Dishware Simple

Use disposable plates and utensils to keep dishes from pilling up in the sink, as dish clutter can make a tiny space feel cramped. This tip will also make for an easier clean up after the party has ended.

Put Coats Undercover

Smaller apartments may not have a coat closet for your guests to store their belongings. Designate your bedroom for guests to store their jackets, coats and purses to keep clutter at bay.

Use the Kitchen Sink

Afraid that a cooler might take up precious space? Instead of bringing in a cooler to chill your beverages, maximize your space by filling your sink with ice and placing drink assortments there. Not only does this save space, but it also allows for an easy cleanup due to being able to drain the ice water when finished.

Set the Mood

Go with soft lighting — like lamps, candles or string lights — to give your home an inviting glow. Adding music in the background can set the party’s tone, but keep it low so it doesn’t drown out conversation or become too overwhelming in your space.

Welcome in the Breeze

Small spaces warm up fast, which can be great in the winter. For the summer months, though, make sure your guests keep cool — finish cooking before they arrive and consider leaving a window open to keep fresh air circulating.

Credit: Apartment Guide